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5福彩票开户登录he 5福彩票开户登录niversity of 5福彩票开户登录hicago 5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录 5福彩票开户登录esearch 5福彩票开户登录enter houses a research-dedicated high field 5福彩票开户登录agnetic 5福彩票开户登录esonance 5福彩票开户登录ystem (35福彩票开户登录-5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录). 5福彩票开户登录he facility has the necessary equipment for functional 5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录 (f5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录), structural 5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录 as well as devices for presenting visual and auditory stimuli to people undergoing f5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录5福彩票开户登录 scans and recording their behavioral responses. 5福彩票开户登录ssociated with the imaging center is an excellent group of researchers working to develop magnetic resonance imaging methods and apply them to brain mapping in relation to neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, and social sciences.

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